Three Reasons Why Award Plaques Are Still So Popular

Recognition and Award Plaques

Recognition and Award Plaques


Award plaques have long been the standard when it comes to recognizing performance and thanking others for their service, and they are still as popular today as ever.  Why are these items still a “top seller” in the awards and recognition industry?

First – there are so many styles, sizes and materials to choose from – which makes it easy to pick an award plaque that fits your budget and is appropriate for your recognition.  Traditional wood plaques made of walnut, rosewood or even red alder are an elegant way to say “Thanks” or “Job Well Done”.  However, there are all sorts of new designs available – acrylic, glass and even full-color digitally printed styles.  Lots of shapes and sizes are available as well, including plaques with rich bronze castings that add a unique touch of class to your award.

In addition, award plaques and recognition plaques can be easily displayed in a home or office.  While most plaques are proudly displayed on a highly visible wall, many have options for table top or desk top mounting.  And the variety of materials and finishes allows you to match the surrounding decor if so desired.

Last (but certainly not least) is the ability to add your organization’s logo, tag line and a message that sincerely relays your appreciation.  Custom engraving on award and recognition plaques can be done in a large selection of fonts and can include all the specifics about your recipient’s position and performance or contribution.

Need to recognize your “Top Performer” or just show your appreciation for an individual’s service to your organization?  Let our professionals at Excalibur Group provide you with product options, a free cost estimate and a free digital design of your layout.  We offer a wide variety of award and recognition plaques from the top manufacturers in the industry.  Great for businesses, community organizations, churches, schools and athletic teams.

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