Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Is there a minimum order?

In some cases (such as with promotional products) minimums may apply depending on the production method.  For example, there are costs associated with setting up a screen print job that apply whether we produce 1 shirt or 100 shirts for a client.  We can certainly produce just 1 item, but the price point may not be reasonable or acceptable due to those setup costs.  For that reason we are glad to provide a free estimate for any project and discuss with the client production options that best fit their individual needs.  However, on many items (such as plaques, awards and trophies) there is no minimum order.  Clients should keep in mind that discounts for higher quantities of a particular item may be available, and we will let them know that information at the time of their inquiry.  In all situations we will work with the client to find a solution that best fits their specific requirements.

2.  How quickly can my order be completed?

Excalibur Group is committed to creating high quality products in a timely manner.  Our staff will work with you during every step of the ordering and production process to ensure that your item(s) are completed with the correct details and design.

Due to the “custom” nature of most of our products, our Standard Production Time is 10 Business Days from the initial submission of your order.  This timeframe allows us to:

  • Ensure that the products ordered are in stock or are readily available from our suppliers, or if not to propose substitutions that meet your needs
  • Confirm that the submission of any applicable artwork meets production standards and revise accordingly
  • Create a digital proof of your layout and send that to you for review/approval and make any requested edits
  • Perform Quality Checks throughout the production process to ensure 100% accuracy and the elimination of any product defects/damage
  • Notify you of completion of your project and schedule a convenient pickup date & time

We realize that our Customers are very busy and in some cases may need a faster delivery time.  We will do everything possible to accommodate your request to avoid additional rush production or shipping charges, but in some instances that may not be possible.  If rush charges are applicable to your order we will communicate that prior to the initiation of your project so that you can review and approve those additional expenses.

However, any orders that are requested to be delivered in less than our Standard Production Time cannot be guaranteed to be free of errors or other defects as we may not be able to fully complete all necessary steps in order to meet your completion date.  In those situations the Customer will be responsible for any costs associated with corrections, replacements, etc.

Please note that some products require additional processing (from external vendors) and may fall outside of the Standard Production Time.  We will communicate the timelines on these products to you during the order process.

If you have any questions about this policy please don’t hesitate to ask one of our staff members.

3.  What are the artwork requirements for my project?

Excalibur Group takes great care to ensure that your custom products are manufactured with the highest quality appearance.  Whether we are engraving a plaque for you, printing a banner or just putting your logo on some nice gifts for your employees – we want to represent your brand as professionally as possible.  To do that we need to ask that you submit your artwork and logo files in the following format(s).  This will ensure that your products will have the sharpest and truest color and details possible, and it will allow us to proceed with your project without any delays or charges for artwork clean-up/redesign.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the specifications listed below:

All orders should be accompanied by digital artwork files if at all possible.  Artwork can be submitted via email to  We can also transfer files from portable media such as a CD/DVD or flash drive.  Large files should be compressed utilizing WinZip.

“Line Art” or “Vector Art” is preferred, and may be required for some projects.  Image files (jpeg format) may be acceptable, but must be “Camera Ready” with a resolution of at least 600 x 600 dpi.  Artwork charges may be necessary to ensure proper preparation for production.

Preferred/accepted file formats include:

Adobe Illustrator files (.ai)
Encapsulated Postscript files (.eps)
Portable Document Format files (.pdf)
Corel Draw files (.cdr)
Image files (.jpeg)

Color files are acceptable for print projects (such as banners, screen printing, etc.) but black and white files (no half-tones) are preferred for projects that require engraving/etching (plaques, awards, etc.).

Color-matching services are available if your project requires specific logo colors (additional charges may apply).

Excalibur will be glad to review your artwork and logo files at no charge and provide you with a complete estimate (if applicable) to prepare your layouts for production.  We also provide digital proofs of your designs prior to your production at no charge.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need assistance with the submission of your artwork.

4.  Can you engrave, decorate or embellish an item that is not purchased through Excalibur Group?

For some projects we will accept items from customers (not purchased through Excalibur Group) for embellishment or engraving.  Our staff members will treat customer items with the utmost professional care during the production/embellishment process.

However, there may be instances during custom projects where items are damaged or made “defective” due to inherent risks in the production process.  In many cases we cannot verify the contents/materials used in the manufacture of such items and cannot reliably foresee all production issues that may occur due to the quality of materials and finishes.

For this reason we reserve the right to refuse to embellish/personalize any item if we feel that the available production processes will not produce an outcome that conforms to our standards of excellence (or to the desired outcome of the client).

Any items provided by the customer (not purchased through Excalibur) must be clean, new and ready for production.  Additional charges may apply if our staff has to prepare an item for embellishment.

If an item provided by the customer is damaged or made defective during the production process Excalibur cannot assume full responsibility for replacement of the item.  However, we will attempt to assist the customer with as many options as are financially viable in order to complete their project request to their satisfaction.

5.  Do you offer a satisfaction guarantee or warranty on your products and services?

Excalibur Group offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all products and services that we source for our clients.  If any errors occur or if there are any product defects (on items purchased through us) we will replace/repair the item(s) at no charge.  We also offer a guaranteed delivery of your project on the date/time specified at the time of your order and we will communicate with you throughout the production process to ensure that all of your expectations are exceeded.

6.  Can you assist with the graphic design needs for my project?

We offer full graphic design and editing services.  We can create a logo for you, make recommendations on the wording for your award plaque or design a custom layout for your project.  In most cases there are no additional charges associated with this service.  We include basic design and layout preparation into our pricing, and we are glad to provide digital proofs at no charge prior to production to ensure accuracy.  More detailed projects ma incur additional charges for artwork and design, but we will disclose all such costs as part of the quoting/estimating process.

7.  How does your pricing compare with other providers?

We take great pride in the products and services that we offer to our clients.  We utilize industry-leading products and materials for our customers’ projects and work with the latest cutting-edge technology and equipment to ensure the best results possible on the customization of your item(s).  Our commitment to customer service and our desire to create a “high touch” and enjoyable purchase experience is paramount to the type of experience we want our clients to enjoy.  Yes – price is an important component to the purchase, and we strive to make our products and services competitive in the marketplace.  However, we believe that the “value added” attention to detail and the professionalism of our staff are the elements that make us stand out from our competitors.

8.  Do you offer discounts for charitable organizations/events or sponsorships for community events/organizations?

As you might expect (because of the type of business we are in and the products and services that we sell) we are approached almost daily by non-profits, charities, schools and similar organizations asking for donations, discounts and/or sponsorships.  We certainly want to support the community that supports our business.  However, we are a “for profit” enterprise and if we were to attempt to somehow accommodate all incoming requests, we probably wouldn’t be around very long!  That being said, we have developed the following policy:

Excalibur Group offers all “qualifying” organizations (501c3 or similar) the opportunity to purchase products and services on a “discounted” basis.  Actual discount percentages may vary depending on product/service mix, quantities, requested timing of delivery, market conditions and other variable factors.  

Customers who request this type of discount are required to provide acceptable forms of certification which include official IRS documentation of 501c3 status and/or tax exemption status.  Customers may also be required to complete an ‘In-Kind’ donation form to estimate and document the fair-market value of discounts/donations of products & services made by Excalibur Group for tax reporting purposes.

Excalibur is also frequently approached by organizations and events requesting financial sponsorship, and for the same reasons mentioned above we have developed the following policy:

Excalibur Group may participate in sponsorship opportunities based on the client’s annual purchases on products and services for the prior 365 day period.  Actual sponsorship funding will vary depending on product/service mix, quantities, market conditions and other variable factors (including any discounts offered off of normal retail pricing).  

Customers/clients may also enter into an Annual Purchase Agreement (APA) with Excalibur Group which would detail agreed-upon terms of sponsorship participation and product/service purchasing requirements.  Each APA will be negotiated separately based on client needs, sponsorship requirements, and the existence of mutually beneficial marketing/advertising opportunities, etc.  The APA may include the following (and other) provisions:

  • Confidentiality Agreement to protect sponsor interests in local, regional and national markets
  • Exclusivity clause to restrict purchase of products/services from other competing vendors and/or the participation of other competing vendors in marketing/advertising campaigns
  • Renewal/cancellation terms
  • Service Level Agreement